Krista Larson Designs was established in 1994 by Krista Larson. A native of Southern California, she now resides, works and manufactures in Southern New Hampshire. From an early age, Krista was attracted to a different way of dressing. After a year of studying business at the University of Hawaii Krista studied abroad in London and graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a B.S. in Fashion Merchandising and Design. During her final year of college, Krista began selling hats on consignment at local boutiques. After graduating, she continued selling her hats while working at a local men’s manufacturing facility. Trims are unique and ever changing for each collection, and custom prints and jacquards are a brilliant addition to every season. Krista offers up to fifty different fabrics and in up to thirteen colors in almost every style. This makes her pieces almost one-of-a-kind because of the immense selection. Another distinctive feature of Krista’s beautiful collections is the “one size” fits most label. “There’s such a stigma associated with sizing for women. I wanted something that didn’t make you feel badly just based on the number on the label”. Some styles are loose fitting and others are more structured. The fabric choice also influences the size of the garment. Some cottons and linens shrink much more than a silk taffeta. “It really depends on what you’re looking for. There’s something for everyone and most every body type.”



Care and Quality

Krista’s garments are made in New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont and Massachusetts. We proudly display the “Made in the USA” label for garments made in New England. A select number of pieces are made in India where Krista is developing new embroideries, new printing techniques and even shoes. Great care is taken to each garment, right down to the hand-sewn buttons and clothing labels. Every garment is washed before shipping for a delightful wrinkled look. We do however recommend dry cleaning for almost every garment. This insures the sizing and integrity of the fabric, garment and buttons.

Vintage Elements

Krista Larson’s designs are distinctive in the way they combine the past with the present, using vintage details in modern fabrics. Most of the buttons she uses are antique with some being covered and with a few detailed reproductions. Some trims, laces and ribbons that Krista uses have been marked with time. Found at flea markets and antique stores, discoloration gives the pieces a homey and worn look not easily reproduced.

Hand Made Warmth

Krista offers beautiful hand-knit and machine loomed sweaters. Available in light, medium, and heavy weights; a variety of alpacas, cottons, camels and wools add to her already abundant mix of textures. In addition to the variety of yarns used, some of the sweaters are accented by different size hand-forged sterling silver safety pins, making each piece one-of-a-kind.

Fabric Appeal for Everyone

One aspect that sets Krista Larson clothing apart from others is the large selection of fabrics offered in hundreds of styles each season. This concept appeals to many buyers, allowing those in the warmer climates to purchase winter garments in lighter weights, while other stores can still purchase the traditional winter fabrics. Additionally, a store owner can choose from lesser expensive fabrics, to meet certain price points without compromising on style. In essence, you are getting a one-of-a-kind garment cut specifically for you. Custom in-house cutting makes it all possible.



Krista Larson Designs Inc. is located in rural Southern NH along the Exeter river. The business houses 10 loyal and detail oriented employees and currently three dogs. The atmosphere is casual and very much like family. Different backgrounds and ethnicities make the work environment interesting and fun. Personalities are diverse and giving…..from the seamstress who cooks too much for the staff, to the assistant who brings in WAY too much chocolate to be warranted.

Named after her beloved dog Polly, Blue Polly Boutique was opened by Krista in 2004 as a retail shop above her manufacturing building and as an online store. Since then she has sold her handmade creations direct to the public as well as to wholesalers who carry her line in their shops around the world.