Layering is a key element in making your Krista Larson outfit sing! Our first in a series about layering is using lengths to create depth and comfortability. As with all of Krista’s clothes, they reflect the unique personality of the woman wearing them. Each individual feels comfortable with different lengths to cover the arms, legs or butt. Krista’s clothes are so versatile that there is a length to fit everyone’s needs.


To cover the arms, a stretchy shirt under a tank or vest would work or perhaps one of the many collared shirts that Krista offers. Wear a longer collared shirt under a jacket with a belt and have the collar and bottom peaking out to add more length and cover.

blkwht 2

Is your skirt a little too short? Wear a bloomer or legging underneath. Shear Playwear pants look great under a slip or other layers. Krista’s clothing lines can also be worn with jeans maybe with an undershirt and slip on top. Why not pair a collared shirt with a vest and some leggings or jeans?


The ideal length is a personal preference and there are many options to choose from.

We look forward to bringing you more ideas about layering! Upcoming topics include fabrics, patterns, colors, seasons and KLD & Playwear mixed.