Krista added two new dogs to her family – Bandit and Smokey. Bandit, a Great Pyrenees mix, is from Tennessee and was rescued with his siblings when his mother was hit by a car. Krista found him through Critter Calvary Rescue and picked him up at his foster home in Massachusetts. They have been joined at the hip ever since. A true pyrenees, Bandit likes to survey the yard, protect the family, and loves being outside.


Bandit 55


Smokey is a purebred Newfoundland found through a breeder in Maine. He just turned one and already weighs 140 pounds! He is a couch potato and eats everything in sight. Including socks, hair scrunchies, barbie shoes, fabric, and trash! His growl sounds like a lion when you play with him.

DSC_0791 (2)


DSC_0615 (3)

Krista has had many dogs over the years which have adorned her hangtags. A passionate advocate for everything dog, she plans to volunteer with one of the organizations that she follows. And I’m sure if you ask, she will share her super secret allergen-free dog bone recipe that she created!

If you would like more information on the rescue organizations Krista follows you can visit the links below.

Big Fluffy Dog Rescue:

Critter Calvary Rescue:

National Pyrenees Rescue: