Krista is well known for her unique layering of beautiful fabrics. Plaid silk taffetas, custom printed cottons, striped shirtings and beautiful solids…they feel amazing against the skin and exude a fantastical look unlike any other. What makes Krista’s fabric selection even more appealing is that they vary in price – which makes some more affordable than others; they vary in weight – which helps in different climates; and they come in many colors – customizing the outfit even further.

Krista has a process of finding patterned fabrics and using similar colors from them. For instance, if the pattern uses blue, red, and yellow she will often create a solid of one of those colors or a plaid with all three colors in it, making a cohesive look when worn together.


Wallpaper and greeting card designs are inspiration for some of Krista’s custom fabrics.

Krista also offers customized fabrics that have originated from many different things such as stationary and wrapping paper. She also used one of her paintings in her daughter’s room as inspiration for a custom fabric. SPOILER ALERT: Krista will be combining her love of photography into her designs/fabrics. Something she is looking forward to developing over the next year!

With the all of the choices and variety to mix and match, Krista has really designed the perfect outfit for anyone – with a little creativity and imagination you can select the ensemble that uniquely reflects your inner fashionista.