We sat down with Krista to discuss her Fall 2013 line. 

Q: What are the colors for Fall?

Midnight, Plum, and Split Pea are the three main colors. I do have a few touches of acorn and steel.

Q: What was your inspiration for this line?

I think I always look to the seasons. The split pea color is a color that’s around for fall but usually goes unnoticed in comparison to the reds and oranges that are around. The colors are so beautiful in New England, you can’t help but be “color-inspired”.

Q: What fabrics are you using?

I have tons of new fabrics every season. This season I have a variety of patterned wools, herringbone, houndstooth and a great animal jacquard. I also added two new striped jerseys. Easy dressing that is stylish and forgiving at the same time.

 Q: Is there anything interesting or different about the colors or fabrics from previous fall seasons?

I have many more wool choices this season and I’m always adding lots more cottons and cotton prints (to be cost conscious). Heavier cotton twills and plaids for jackets and coatings in less expensive fabrics is a more year-round fabric choice. I did a polka dot burn out velvet which is great for holiday and a splash of sequins in a midnight silk taffeta.

 Q: How do you pick the fabrics and colors you use? Do you have a process or look to trend analysis?

I don’t rely on trend analysis – I’m usually too busy to research what’s coming next. I gravitate towards colors that I like or that I haven’t done in a while. I try to give the customer a variety. I also noticed that I have been complimenting the previous season color wise, unintentionally.

 Q: Lastly, where and when will you be showing the line?

I have shown the line in New York and Los Angeles already – I will show it again in September along with Spring 2014.